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Pattaya ladyboy tricks woman into prostitution with fake debt claim

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A Thai ladyboy and her gang members tricked a woman in Pattaya into prostitution, claiming she had a 120,000 baht debt and had to sell sex to repay it.

The victim, 22 year old A, shared a video of when the 21 year old ladyboy, Kae, and her gang brutally assaulted her outside her Pattaya condo on June 22. She shared the video to seek justice, as the gang threatened further attacks but Mueang Pattaya Police Station officers have not updated her on any developments.

A explained that the issue began when Kae kidnapped and detained her at a tattoo shop in Soi Rung Land, Pattaya. Kae seized A’s ID card and mobile phone, claiming a loan shark hired her and her gang to abduct A and collect a 30,000 baht repayment.

Kae told A she would only get her belongings back after repaying the debt. If A had no money, she would have to sell sex to cover the debt. A, scared and unsure how to repay, complied.

A claimed that she did not borrow 30,000 baht from the loan shark; it was borrowed by her friend. However, A’s name was on the debt guarantee, so she had to settle the debt on behalf of her friend.

A explained that she managed to repay the debt after working as a sex worker for four days. Nevertheless, Kae demanded an additional 5,000 baht. A chose to give Kae the money to secure her freedom and resolve the matter.

No repayment made

Unfortunately, the matter did not end there. Kae claimed A had another 90,000 baht debt and had to continue selling sex. A revealed that she and her ex-boyfriend borrowed 90,000 baht from another loan shark a long time ago.

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A returned to prostitution, servicing over 10 customers daily, mostly foreigners from the US, India, China, and South Korea. She received no share of the service cost, only small tips from customers for personal expenses.

A managed to clear her debt within a month, but she feared that Kae would not release her. Consequently, she escaped and sought refuge in a condominium.

Kae and her gang located A’s condo and assaulted her, an incident captured on video. Fortunately, a security guard from the condominium reported the assault, prompting police intervention. However, Kae and her accomplices managed to flee.

A directly contacted the loan sharks, questioning why harassment and assaults persisted despite her repayment. To her surprise, the loan sharks disclosed they had not received any payments from A.

A realised that Kae and her gang had deceived her, keeping all the money she had paid. A complained to Mueang Pattaya Police Station, but there has been no progress. Kae continues to harass and threaten A, claiming connections to high-ranking police officers and showing no fear of arrest.

No justice has been served, and the police have yet to indicate if charges will be pursued.

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