Pattaya hotel left stunned as guest snatches speaker

Photo of Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

A Pattaya hotel manager unveiled some CCTV footage capturing a guest allegedly pilfering a speaker before making a swift getaway last Thursday, February 15.

The unnamed guest, who checked in for a two-night stay on February 14, seemingly orchestrated the criminal act alongside two Thai companions. Under the cloak of darkness, they brazenly attempted to swipe a speaker positioned near the hotel counter, setting off alarm bells for the vigilant manager.


In a bid to thwart the theft, the manager, preferring to keep their identity undisclosed, confronted the trio. However, their attempts to retrieve the stolen property proved futile, with the suspects making a daring return to snatch the device clandestinely from the premises.

Swift action was taken as the manager promptly alerted the authorities at Pattaya Police and endeavoured to reach the guest via the provided contact details. Despite assurances of returning the pilfered item, it was regrettably handed back in a damaged state, rendering it unfit for use, the manager lamented.

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In the wake of this brazen act, the astounded hotelier issued a clarion call to their peers across Pattaya, urging them to fortify their defences and fortify guest scrutiny during check-out procedures. They advocate for robust security measures, including staff training initiatives and the installation of surveillance systems, to deter potential repeat offenders and safeguard hotel assets, reported Pattaya News.

In related news, a 22 year old German national made off with 86,000 baht from a hotel counter in Patong, Phuket on January 26. The brazen thief couldn’t resist flashing a cheeky grin at the security camera before vanishing into the night. It didn’t take the police long to apprehend the mischievous thief.

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In other news, a man exploited New York’s housing laws to live rent-free in the renowned New Yorker Hotel for five years, even collecting rent from other tenants, before being charged with fraud for his boundless greed. Claiming to be the owner, he was eventually arrested and accused of filing false property records.

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