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Parents warned after child rescued from locked car in Chon Buri

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A two year old child was left locked inside a car after her parents stopped at a petrol station. Rescuers took more than 20 minutes to unlock the car, prompting warnings against leaving children alone in vehicles.

Emergency responders from Thammarat Maneerat Foundation in Chon Buri were alerted to a child trapped inside a car at 2.10pm today, June 27, at PT Meng Hui petrol station, located on a bypass road towards Bangkok in Ban Suan, Mueang District, Chon Buri. They quickly arrived at the scene with a team of vehicle door specialists.

A Mitsubishi Xpander Cross was found parked with its engine running but all four doors were locked. Inside, a two year old girl was seen playing. Outside the vehicle, her worried parents, Witawat and Jirapatch, were anxiously peering through the windows.

Rescue personnel worked for approximately 20 minutes before successfully unlocking the car door, much to the relief of the parents. The girl appeared unbothered and was talking normally.

Jirapatch explained that she usually uses a six-wheeler truck for errands, and her child had previously been trapped in that vehicle but was safely rescued. On this occasion, they were in Chon Buri to settle a bill and stopped briefly at the petrol station to use the restroom. Upon returning, they discovered that the car, an electric vehicle, had locked automatically, and they were unable to open the doors.

“I want to remind everyone that if you stop at a petrol station to use the restroom, you should take your child with you or take turns staying with them. Do not leave your child alone in the car.”

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Police and safety experts warn against leaving children in cars, emphasising the unpredictability of circumstances and the quick escalation of danger. In this case, the prompt response of the rescue team ensured a safe outcome, but not all such incidents have happy endings, reported KhaoSod.

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