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Oga Obina Exposed After Showing He Has 15 Million But Makes This Mistake While Editing The Message

Oga Obinna real name is Steve Thompson Maghana a Kenyan comedian who has made it big in Kenyan media. It is true that laughter is the best medicine and as a comedian, he has used his talent to create a career for himself and entertain people.

For some hours now they have been in an online war with comedian Erick Omondi where they are currently showing off their property to show who is more rich. Erick Omondi shared a video showing boxes of money in his house where one box was worth 13 million. He showed off five boxes which meant he has more than 65 million.

To fight back OGA Obina shares a screenshot showing how much one of his bank accounts hold which according to the photo shared it had 15,000,000. This attracted Kenyans attention who realized the message was edited and he did a mistake when editing. Showing the available balance the message was well edited but when editing the current balance he left a bigger space after the dot.44ae0538ff8242c9aa2a9e28ac7f6ef1?quality=uhq&resize=72087fc7258b4614a25bbb4679285761bbd?quality=uhq&resize=720

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