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Nonthaburi teenager with drug and gaming addictions dies

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A teenager in Nonthaburi tragically died after collapsing and coughing up blood in a restroom at a Bang Bua Thong food centre, with suspicions about drug involvement, exacerbated by his gaming addiction and lack of rest.

Officers from Bang Bua Thong Police Station, along with personnel from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation and Bang Yai Hospital’s emergency team, responded to an emergency call about an unconscious individual in a restroom. The incident took place in a restroom of a food centre on Liap Khlong Thanon Road, Bang Rak Phatthana, Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi. Upon arrival, they found a 19 year old young man, lying unconscious and shirtless, dressed only in shorts. His pulse was weak.

Rescue teams attempted CPR for over 30 minutes but were unable to revive him. The young man was declared dead shortly thereafter. A bystander had recorded a video showing the teenager coughing up blood and struggling to breathe in the restroom before the rescue team arrived.

A witness reported hearing loud banging noises while cleaning her car near the restroom. Initially, she thought it might be an argument, but the noises persisted, prompting her to investigate. Fearing to enter alone, she called two men who were passing by to check the source of the noise. They discovered the teenager lying in a pool of blood, with no one else present in the restroom.

The teen’s father, 62 year old Sirisak Boonpiam, recounted that his son had been living with his mother and attending school on Phutthamonthon Sai 2 Road. Both relocated to live with him, but financial difficulties led to the mother leaving, leaving his son in his care. Despite efforts to continue his education, the young man struggled academically and socially.

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Initially, the teenager was enrolled in a technical school near their home but he insisted on attending a school in Nonthaburi with his friends. His attendance was sporadic, and the school eventually contacted Sirisak to inform him of his son’s absences. Despite leaving home daily, the young man was not attending classes, leading Sirisak to have a serious conversation with him. His son admitted that the school was far away, and he and his friends had stopped going.

Gaming, drug addiction

Sirisak then allowed his son to stop attending school but the teen began spending more time with friends and became addicted to gaming, often returning home late. Sirisak suspected that his son might be using drugs, though he never witnessed it or found any paraphernalia. Additionally, the teenager had ongoing lung issues, frequently coughing, which Sirisak attributed to smoking.

“He admitted to smoking cigarettes when I confronted him, and I would scold him, asking why he would smoke when he wasn’t working and was constantly coughing. His coughing worsened over time.”

Police documented the scene and interviewed witnesses, including Sirisak, who believed his son’s death might be related to lung issues and lack of rest. However, the exact cause remains undetermined. The body was transferred to the forensic institute for an autopsy to ascertain the precise cause of death, reported KhaoSod.

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