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“My Hubby Sent A Message Saying I Should Enjoy The Rest Of My Life And Left” Gospel Musician Says

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Marriage is a legally recognized union between two individuals, typically based on mutual love, commitment, and often accompanied by a ceremony or celebration. Today, i bring you an emotional story of a teacher, gospel musician Teacher Beatrice.

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According to an interview with Lily Aiysha, Beatrice stated that she dated her ex husband for 4 years before they got married. But during their dating period, they had poor communication between them which she thought would get better with time.

They had a grand wedding and started their married life but communication got even worse. The two were blessed with a child and the husband got a job in the coast and after a while she had to relocate to live with her husband.

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However, things were not as she expected as the husband would come home late and never wanted to he questioned. Beatrice felt frustrated. During corona time, his job was closed and had Beatrice had to start selling vegetables to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, one morning as Beatrice was in the market, she received a message from her husband stating that she should enjoy her life. She said,

“I received a message from my husband saying enjoy the rest of your life but i dont regret being in love.”

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Beatrice knew everything was not okay and her marriage had ended. It was difficult for Beatrice and she had to accept that her marriage did not work. However, Beatrice said that they coparent well and have no problem. She said,

“His three letter message ended our marriage.”


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