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Muthiora Drop Another Shocker Alleging How Fatxo Gave Kasarani Cops Money & Was Coached

Yesterday, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters gave an update into Jeff Mwathi’s murder incident.

According to the DCI, Jeff was murdered before his body was thrown out of the building to depict suicide.

Well, detectives have already summoned dj Fatxo, and all his allies to appear for questioning before the file is taken to the DPP.

Well, also in question are the Kasarani cops who have been on the spotlight for allegedly receiving bribe to conceal the case.

According to Famous blogger Simon Mwangi Muthiora, Faxto already has several messages revealing how he paid cops at Kasarani police station.

Muthiora alleged and also urged the DCI to gor through Fatxo’s messages both on WhatsApp and Message to see the transactions made on the material day.

Well, Muthiora has alleged that Faxto was given coaching classes by the DCI cops Kasarani on how to get away with the said murder.

Little did they know that kenyans would demonstrate online calling for a quick investigation into the bizarre incident.


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