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Motorcycle rider assaults petrol station worker in Samut Prakan

Picture courtesy of amarintv

A motorcycle rider in Samut Prakan assaulted a petrol station employee after becoming frustrated with the slow service. The incident was captured on CCTV and occurred around 3.20pm yesterday at a petrol station in Bang Pla, Bang Phli District.

The footage shows the rider, who didn’t have a license plate on his motorcycle, waiting behind another motorcycle that was being refuelled. The station employee was in the process of handling the payment for the first customer when the situation began to escalate. The rider, visibly irritated, started to shout at the employee.

Another petrol station worker eventually came to assist and refuel the motorcycle. The rider left but soon returned, continuing to berate the staff. Despite the employee’s attempts to apologise, citing the high number of customers that day, the rider refused to listen. He then punched the employee in the mouth, causing the worker to bleed, before fleeing the scene.

The assaulted employee explained that his usual duty is to refuel gas, but due to the high volume of customers that day, he had stepped in to help with petrol. At the moment the rider arrived, a gas vehicle had pulled in, prompting him to return to his regular task.

This may have contributed to the rider’s frustration, who accused the employee of avoiding refuelling his motorcycle. Despite the employee’s attempts to apologise, the rider continued his tirade, insulting the worker by calling him “just a gas station worker” before resorting to violence, reported KhaoSod.

The petrol station manager reported that the aggressive customer seemed intent on provoking the staff, boasting about his job at the post office and belittling the employees. The manager quoted the rider saying, “Do you know who I am? I work for the post office. You guys work like this, no wonder you’re just a gas station worker.”

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