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Monk gets ‘phoned’ in: Thief masquerades as benefactor in Buriram

Image courtesy of KhaoSod

Earlier today a monk reported a theft incident where a man posing as a benefactor stole his mobile phone at a temple in Buriram.

A man aged between 50 and 60 years old approached Wat Ban Takong in Buriram province, claiming he wanted to sponsor a meal for the monks. A resident monk at the temple, 60 year old Suthep Devasiri recounted the event.

The man arrived on a motorcycle around 9am, today, July 11, and introduced himself, stating that he had been sent by an elder to arrange for the meal offering.

Suthep, unsuspecting of any ill intentions, handed his phone to the man when he asked to borrow it to confirm the arrangement with the sponsor. Suthep then continued his walking meditation. However, when he looked back, both the fake benefactor and the motorcycle had disappeared, along with the phone.

Suthep expressed his distress over the loss, especially since the phone was only three months old and contained important banking apps and numerous contacts.

The monk immediately filed a police report at Ban Dan Police Station, hoping for assistance in apprehending the thief. Suthep mentioned that he would forgive the thief and withdraw the complaint if the phone was returned.

The police tracked the phone’s signal to Surin province and coordinated with local police officers there to continue the investigation, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a monk from Prachinburi found himself at the centre of a blackmail scheme after engaging in a video call with a woman who later threatened to release compromising footage. The incident has been reported to the local police.

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In other news, a Japanese tourist, in a fit of rage from an argument, drove his car into a popular Pattaya restaurant, crashing into numerous cars and motorcycles before finally colliding with a tour bus. This incident yesterday, July 10, left him injured and in police custody

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