Milly Chebby V Matubia:Who Is The Queen Of Fashion Between These Two (Photos)

Milly Chebby V Matubia:Who Is The Queen Of Fashion Between These Two (Photos)

The Kenyan entertainment industry has given rise to some of the most loved talents we have in the industry among the being re-known content creators Milly Chebby and Jackie Matubia.These beauty queens are not only re-known superstars but also close friends graced with killer looks.

Milly Chebby who is wife to re-known content creator Terence Creative rank among the most loved content creators in the nation.The mother of one is a paragon of beauty graced with an adorable body physique and killer fashion game.She is a fashionista who always clads in elegant and decent outfits serving goals to many.

Jacky Matubia on the other hand is a talented actress cum content creator who has been in the industry for over a decade.The mother of two is graced with charming looks and is among the few stars who always rock while in their natural state.When it comes to cladding,she always nails it as seen in the photos below.

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