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‘Me hukula tu home’ – Ferdinand Omanyala explains why he rarely dines outside his home

Ferdinand Omanyala has disclosed that he rarely eats outside his house.

Speaking during a recent interview with comedian Dr Kingori on his show, Omanyala, who is Kenya’s fastest sprinter, made it known that his line of work does not allow him to eat anywhere.

This is because as an athlete he has been trained to be cautious about everything he consumes in his body.

Siwezi enda nidishi tu place yoyote. Saa hii ata ni serious cause nitakuwa na testiwa na ata si na wasee wa antidoping ya kenya pekee but pia wasee wa wa majuu watukwa wakicome,” Omanyala said.

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According to Omanyala, consuming food without knowing its source means he would be risking his entire career.

Sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala and his wife Laventa. PHOTO/(@quintonfinnomanyala)/Instagram

To avoid this, he then prefers having homemade foods prepared by someone he trusts.

So siwezi enda place na maboyz nikae chini nikule. Napikiwa tuu home niende nayo training because natrust hio food najua imetoka kwa hao. So Siwezi enda tuu nibuy tuu anything nidish,” Ferdinarfd Omanyala went on to explain.

Asked what he would do in case he got hungry while away from home, Omanyala stood his ground saying he would then settle for bottled water.

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Naeza tafuta maji iko sealed ndio nikunywe ama nitafute place ikona buffet wasee wengi wanakula,” Omanyala explained.

The changes come after he was sanctioned with a 14-month ban following an adverse analytical finding (AAF) for the glucocorticoid betamethasone.

He said this was from a shot he had received as a painkiller without checking or asking what the contents of the medication were.

Since then he decided to be mindful of every little thing he consumes to avoid suffering the same fate.

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