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‘Mama yangu alinizaa kwa gari hapo Nyayo Stadium roundabout’ – Sauti Sol’s Bien opens up

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien revealed that he was not born in the hospital like most people as his mother gave birth to him on the road.

Speaking during an interview with Willis Raburu, Bien revealed that he was born along Uhuru Highway/Mombasa Road at Nyayo Stadium roundabout as his mother was heading to the hospital.

The Kenyan heartthrob said his mother was going to Nairobi hospital to deliver but she experienced labour at Nyayo Stadium roundabout, water broke and she just had to give birth to him there and then.

Unajua mimi nilizaliwa wapi by the way Willis? Nilizaliwa Nyayo stadium roundabout kwa gari aunty yangu madha yangu akienda hosi, madha yangu alikua in labour. Sa akienda Nairobi hospital nkazaliwa hapo hivi Nyayo stadium roundabout,” Bien said.

The Sauti Sol singer added that he sometimes thinks about how his mother gave birth to him at Nyayo Stadium roundabout when he is stuck in traffic along the stretch of road.

Hapo ndo [umbilical cord] ilikatwa, hapo Nyayo. Mi hukaa hapo kwa jam sana manze nashangaa hapa ni wapi mbona hii life inanileta kwa hii traffic hapa kumbe jo inanikumbusha,” Bien said.

Alusa Why Are You Topless?

Bien also spoke about his first solo album ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless?’.

Bien on the cover of his first solo album ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless?’. PHOTO/Instagram (@bienaimesol)

The singer disclosed that the album was inspired by real-life events, further revealing that he was named ‘Alusa’ after his grandfather.

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Watu wananijua kama Bien lakini mtaani matha yangu huniita Alusa, nili nemiwa after grandfather yangu anaitwa Alusa. So Alusa ni jina yangu ya home, mtu yoyote mwenye ananijua ananiita ‘Alusa niaje?’” Bien. said.

He further stated that he called his new album ‘Alusa Why Are You Topless?’ because of his mother’s reaction when Sauti Sol dropped the controversial ‘Nishike’ hit song in April 2014.

Bien said his mother called him to find out why he was topless on ‘Nishike’.

Na vile tulifanya ngoma inaitwa ‘Nishike’ hio time manze madha yangu akanicall manze akaniambia ‘Alusa why are you topless?’ Nka sema ai hio ni album name kali so ndo nkaiweka ikue album name,” Bien explained.

The singer additionally explained that going topless on the cover of his first solo album represents the zeal and the courage he has which he picked up following the storm caused by ‘Nishike’.

Lakini pia hio toplessness inarepresent a time in my life kwenye nilitake a risk na nkafanya kitu risky manze. Hio ‘Nishike’ hio time tulipoteza mashow, tulipoteza majob, hakukuwa na cancel culture hio time lakini tulikansoliwa na watu, macorporates walitushuka na ikakua a turbulent time kama for ther first two months. Lakini ‘Nishike’ ndo song yetu ya fao yenye ilienda ikachezwa Nigeira, ikachezwa Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe tukaanza kuenda international tours because of ‘Nishike‘,” Bien said.

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Na hii moment pia in my life ni moment different manze, nimekua in group all my life lakini sahi na go solo na naneed hizo balls nlikua nazo nlifanya ‘Nishike’ nazineed sahi, naneed kuwa audacious hivyo, naneed tu kufanya kitu tu yenye ni out of the box. Toplessness inarepresent hio freedom, hio kukua audacious hio kujaribu kitu hujawai fanya na kuirukia, hio ndo toplessness,” he added.

Sauti Sol breaks up

Bien released his first solo album on November 17, 2023, as Sauti Sol members go their separate ways having decided to pursue their individual careers.

The quartet were to hold their last performance as a group during the much-successful Sol Fest last week but they decided to do one more gig before they call it quits as a group.

Sauti Sol announced yet another gig where revellers will pay between Ksh30,000 to Ksh35,000 entrance fee.

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