Lynching Clarence Thomas: The left’s smear campaign continues

Lynching Clarence Thomas:  The left’s smear campaign continues

Justice Clarence Thomas filed his annual financial-disclosure forms this week, revealing nothing that hadn’t already been extensively reported  —  and of course the left and its media used it as more fodder for its latest effort to lynch him.

Thomas has followed all the rules, barring a now-corrected technical mistake in not reporting a real-estate deal that he lost money on.


The dark-money-funded lefty journalism outfit ProPublica got the hysteria started over a rich friend hosting the justice on vacations and treating him to some private-jet flights  — none of which required disclosure under court ethics rules until they were updated recently.

Plus, the friend (Harlan Crow) has never had business before the high court and, at age 74, probably never will.

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Notably, Thomas noted Thursday that he took one free flight only after he and other justices faced death threats and other harassment after the draft opinion to overturn Roe v Wade leaked.

CNN’s writeup of Thomas’ new filing gushed about how “ethics questions continue to rock the Supreme Court”; The New York Times claimed “the Supreme Court faces increased scrutiny about the justices’ financial dealings.”

Yet it’s only lefties, furious that most of today’s Supremes won’t consistently read the Constitution to serve the progressive agenda, doing the “rocking” and the “scrutinizing.”

Other Times efforts in the smear-Thomas campaign include a long piece attacking him for his work boosting a charity that offers scholarships to low-income kids.

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Meanwhile, the left’s related drive in Congress to write new ethics rules for the Supremes aims at a blatant violation of the Constitution, which makes the high court fully equal and separate from the legislative branch.

The Senate votes on Supreme Court confirmations, and Congress can impeach and convict any justice. That’s it.

Progressives see anything that stands in their way as a proper target for intimidation, bullying and all-out smears, in hopes of destroying any and all resistance.

The only scandal here is that, once again, they won’t pay any price for this outrage.