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Lorry crash in Surat Thani leaves two hospitalised

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A lorry carrying palm oil waste experienced brake failure and crashed into a car, dragged it for 100 metres, and collided with a pickup truck, causing severe damage. Rescue teams extracted two individuals from the wreckage and transported them to the hospital.

The incident occurred at 5.50pm yesterday, July 10 when police from Chaiya Police Station in Surat Thani were alerted to a three-vehicle collision. The crash occurred opposite the Chaiya Highway Police Station on Route 41, heading towards Bangkok, in the Lemad sub-district of Chaiya, Surat Thani.

Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders discovered a Honda car, registration number ขจ 4271 Surat Thani, completely wrecked. Inside were a man and a woman trapped in the mangled remains of the vehicle. Rescue workers used hydraulic cutters to extricate the victims and rushed them to Chaiya Hospital.

In addition to the Honda, a pickup truck transporting durians was severely damaged. The third vehicle involved was a lorry carrying palm oil waste, with registration number 70-2595 Phatthalung.

The lorry driver, Praipai, explained that he was travelling from Nakhon Si Thammarat to Kanchanaburi. Upon reaching the accident site, he realised the brakes had failed.

Despite his efforts to steer the lorry to the side, he could not avoid the collision as the road was under construction and only one lane was operational. The situation was exacerbated by the wet conditions from recent rain. The lorry first struck the rear of the Honda, which was waiting to make a turn, dragging it for 100 metres before crashing into the pickup truck.

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“It was a nightmare. The brakes just gave out, and there was nothing I could do.”

Police are conducting an investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident and will proceed with the necessary legal actions, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a lorry carrying goods crashed through a bridge railing and plunged into a 3-metre-deep ravine in Lampang, causing injuries to the driver. Rescue teams quickly transported the injured driver to the hospital for treatment.

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