Last member of Bangkok motorcycle theft gang nabbed by police

Photo of Nattapong Westwood

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

The arrest of a 21 year old woman, identified only by her nickname Khem, has made headlines as she was apprehended for her involvement in a motorcycle theft gang.

The capture took place at a residence in the district of Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon province, after an extensive investigation led by the authorities. The operation was initiated under the direction of high-ranking police officials from the Bangkok Metropolitan Police Division 9 and the Phetkasem Police Station.


The case against Khem and her accomplices stemmed from an incident that occurred on October 21 of the previous year, around 3.30am, at the Romyen Warin Mansion on Bang Bon 3 Road, Lak Song in Bangkok’s Bang Khae district.

Surveillance camera footage from the area played a crucial role in the investigation, capturing images of a Honda Wave 125i motorcycle being stolen. Khem was identified as the individual who assisted in hiding the stolen vehicle in an alley off Phetkasem 126/4, reported KhaoSod.

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Before Khem’s arrest, other members of the gang had already been detained and faced legal proceedings. She was the last of the group to be captured. Her apprehension coincided with a targeted crime suppression operation ordered by the chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, running from February 13 to 22.

The police operation aimed to clamp down on criminal activity and was part of a broader policy to enhance public safety.

Upon locating Khem, officers presented the arrest warrant, and she acknowledged her identity as the person named. This was her first arrest in connection with the warrant issued for her alleged involvement in the motorcycle theft. Following her arrest, she was taken into custody and faced charges according to the law.

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A similar event was reported yesterday. Khon Kaen police dismantled a motorcycle theft ring operated by spouses smuggling bikes across the Mekong. Suspects arrested.

The pair, along with their accomplices, have been stealing motorcycles and smuggling them across the Mekong River for sale in neighbouring countries, causing severe distress to locals who have lost more than 30 vehicles.

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