“Ladies Hapa Wamekungoja Sawasawa” Samidoh’s After Posting Photo That Has Left Many Talking


Mugiithi musician Samidoh has gone ahead to post his photo that has left many talking. This is after he revealed that he will be joining Prince Indah.

One netizen has gone ahead to allege that, Samido have you seen how your first lady is giving the United States giving men sleepless nights.

Someone else has alleged that, they are eagerly waiting for him so that he can perform for them. Most of the comments were from the ladies where most admitted that Mugiithi musician Samidoh is actually a handsome man.

More to that, they actually admire and like him a lot. Having fans for him means a lot since he is a musician celebrity and having followers is an important thing.


It seems that for sure Migiithi Musician Samidoh has a huge talent and that has taken him to a higher level. He has been able to accomplish a lot of things in his life.


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