“Kwani Umesahau Bibi?” Fans Question Why Samidoh Didn’t Celebrate His Wife’s Birthday


A source has revealed about Samidoh’s fans, who have questioned why he did not celebrate his wife’s birthday online.

His first wife, Edday is currently vacationing in the United States with the children. The fans inquired where he had forgotten about her.

In regard to that, there are those who have defended the singer, saying that he might have privately celebrated Edday’s big day.

A netizen has alleged that, but people should understand that there’s always a wife and the love of your life. Does it have to be publicly done?maybe he showered Eddy with a lot of love.

One has said that she will wish her on his behalf, Happy birthday to you my dear friend may you grow like Jesus Christ who grew both in body and stature. Gaining favor with God and people am very happy to see you happy you are now an international lady… glory to the Most High God.


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