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Kuwaiti love triangle turns into violent brawl in Pattaya

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod English

A dramatic street fight erupted outside a Pattaya hotel, leaving bystanders in shock and fear. The violent altercation, captured on video by onlookers, prompted a swift police search for the assailant.

The incident began as bystanders, including 43 year old chicken rice vendor Sompong Ruangkham, recorded the chaotic scene.

“At first, we thought it was some big shot showing off.”

The truth, however, revealed a tangled love triangle.

Tourist police, after reviewing CCTV footage, tracked down the suspect to a condominium in Pattaya on the evening of July 10. The man was identified as 32 year old Kuwaiti national Khalilov, who was promptly brought in for questioning at Pattaya City Police Station.

The incident started with Khalilov driving a black Chevrolet Optra without a licence plate. He encountered the victim, 26 year old Alazemi, his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, near the hotel.

Khalilov revved his engine loudly and honked his horn before parking. The confrontation quickly escalated when Alazemi, trying to pull the woman away, stripped off his shirt and challenged Khalilov to a fight.

Despite attempts from the woman and another man to defuse the situation, the confrontation turned physical. Khalilov landed a powerful punch, knocking Alazemi to the ground as Khalilov’s friends surrounded the scene.

Alazemi later filed a complaint at Pattaya City Police Station. Officers escorted him to the hospital for treatment before scheduling his statement.

Khalilov was arrested and charged with brawling. He remains in custody as the investigation continues at Pattaya City Police Station, facing legal proceedings for his role in the violent encounter, reported KhaoSod English.

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In related news, a Thai police officer in the central province of Nakhon Pathom has been accused of attacking his wife with a samurai sword on May 31 after she discovered his clandestine affairs with several women.

In other news, police apprehended a 21 year old Thai woman outside a popular shopping mall in Trang Province for her involvement in a violent assault over a love dispute.

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