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“Kuna Kamchawi Kwa Hii Industry” Director Trevor Says As He Lists Down These Description

Mungai Eve’s boyfriend Trevor has taken to his Instagram stories and posted in disgust hinting at a celebrity who has these descriptions. Director Trevor said that there is a witch in their industry.

He also continued to describe how the witch looks like. Director Trevor said that, the witch is short , fat and round. He also said that, artist does not want him/her. He concluded by saying that the witch likes gossiping and has an unclean spirit.

Here is what he wrote,

“Kuna kamchawi kanakuwanga kwa hii industry !!. Kafupi, nono round. Kila msanii akapendi , kanakuwanga na vitina na roho chafu Sanaa. Mbwa.”

Here is his post,132bfdf38d8c4819aa60a918a9e6d418?quality=uhq&resize=720


If you do not know Director Trevor, he is a professional journalist with exceptional camera skills. He is also a successful Kenyan YouTuber.

What are some of your reactions according to this post. Kindly leave your comments on the comments section below.

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