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Kimilili MP calls for meeting with his constituents after voting ‘yes’ on Finance Bill

Kimilili Member of Parliament (MP) Didmus Wekesa Barasa, who voted in favour of the divisive Finance Bill 2024, is set to address his constituents after the bill was ultimately rejected by President William Ruto.

The Finance Bill 2024, which ignited widespread protests across Kenya, was passed by Parliament but faced a significant setback when Ruto declined to sign it into law.

In a move to engage with his community, Barasa has called for a public meeting at the Kimilili T-junction near Katiba Grounds, scheduled for this afternoon.

“Public engagement and rally. Kimilili T-junction next to the infamous Katiba Grounds. Saturday 29th June 2024  pm,” a poster shared by Barasa on social media read.

The poster shared by Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa. PHOTO/X (@DidmusWaBarasa)

He hinted at his aspirations for the Bungoma gubernatorial seat in the 2027 General Election with the caption: “Tupatane leo Pale Kimilili T-JUNCTION @ 2pm #DidmusBarasaGov27.”


Voted yes twice

Barasa was among 204 MPs who voted ‘yes’ to push Finance Bill 2024 to the second reading in Parliament on June 20, 2024.

On June 25, 2024, the Kimilili MP once again joined some 195 MPs in voting ‘yes’ to pass the Finance Bill, 2024, and sent it to Ruto’s desk for assent.

In a record time, Parliament approved the controversial bill as protesters engaged police in running battles outside Parliament and Nairobi city streets with the hope that President Ruto would sign it into law.

Ultimately, Ruto bowed to public pressure and refused to sign the Finance Bill into law, opting to send it back to Parliament.

“Consequently, having reflected on the continuing conversation around the content of the finance bill of 2024, I will decline to assent to the bill,” Ruto announced on June 26, 2024 at State House Nairobi while surrounded by some of the MPs who voted ‘yes’.

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In his address, President Ruto emphasized his commitment to listening to the public and proposed austerity measures to reduce government operational costs instead.

The Finance Bill 2024 has been a focal point of contention, leading to widespread demonstrations as protesters clashed with police in the streets of Nairobi and outside Parliament.

The bill’s rejection by Ruto marks a significant moment in Kenyan politics, underscoring the powerful impact of public sentiment on legislative actions.

Barasa’s upcoming meeting with his constituents is seen as a critical moment for the Kimilili MP, who must now navigate the political fallout from his controversial vote and address the concerns of his electorate.

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