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Kikuyu Benga Musicians Comes Into Rescue Of George Wanjaro’s Mother And Father Living In Poverty

If you are a Kikuyu music fan you must have come across the late kikuyu Benga musician George Wanjaro at some point. He is a renown kikuyu Benga musician who died in 2007 leaving behind his parents and family. Unfortunately there were a lot of commotions between the parents and his second wife which forced them to sell everything they had to employ lawyers in court which left them living in total poverty.

Some hours ago Kikuyu Benga musicians led by Gathee Wa Njeri, Mzima Mzima, Waithaka Wa Jane, Kuruga Wa Wanjiku, Karangu Muraya among many others decided to visit the family as they are planning to buy them a land and build them a house. This was after the family was interviewed and they said that they have been renting a house after selling their land which was the same place George Wanjaro was buried.

The Kikuyu artists have therefore started a foundation to be visiting the families of late kikuyu Benga musician who died long time ago including Sam kinuthia and many others.

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