Kanye West drags Drake and J Cole on remix of Future and Kendrick Lamar diss track Like That… and appears to reference Diddy scandal

Kanye West drags Drake and J Cole on remix of Future and Kendrick Lamar diss track Like That... and appears to reference Diddy scandal


Whoa boy


[Verse 1: Drake]

Ayy, I could never be nobody’s biggest fan

Your first number one, I had to put it in your hand

Your p***ies can’t be booked outside America for nan’

I’m in Tokyo because I’m big on Japan

I’m the hitmaker that you all depend on

Backstage, in my city, it was a friend zone

You will never take another chain from us again

How the hell are you big steppin’ wearing a size seven gentlemen?

This is the bark with the bite, n****, what’s going on?

I know my picture on the wall when you’re cooking

Extortion, honey, your whole career has been shaken up

‘Cause Top told you to drop and give me fifty, like a pair of push-ups

Your last one is bricked, you’re really not confused

They make excuses for you because they hate seeing me on fire

Withdraw your contract, because we need to see the split

The way you split can tear your pants

You better put that mother show in the bit

Maroon 5 needs a verse, you better make it witty

Then we need a verse for the Swifties

Say drop, you better drop and give them fifty

Pipsqueak, pipe down. You’re not in the big three, SZA wiped you out

Travis wiped you out, Savage wiped you out

Just like your label, boy, you’re in the range now

And you will feel the aftermath of what I write

I’m at the top of the mountain, so you’re in a tight spot right now

To have this conversation with you, I had to walk downstairs

Big difference between Mike then and Mike now

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What the fuck is this, a twenty-f-one, n****?

What kind of a king is a prince? He’s a son, n****

Get more love in the city you come from, n****

Metro, shut up and make some drums, n****

Yes, I am the 6ix God, I am the front runner

Y’all manager was Chubb’s little blunt runner

Claim the 6ix and you guys won’t even get away from it

Money blowing Abel bread, cheating here (cheating here)

What we do for b****es, he do for n****s (What the f**k?)

Jets, whips, chains, bad, bad, bad

Spend it like you’re trying to fuck, boy you tripping, boy you tripping

Drizzy Chip n’ Dale, probably has your b***h Chanel

I just finished them, boy, make sure I don’t have to break a nail

Rolling Loud stage, it wasn’t your turn, that was slick as hell

It will probably change that you start kissing and telling BM

Hugs and kisses, man, don’t tell me there’s no switches

I’ll rock every damn necklace I own on my next visit, ayy

I’m with some bodyguards like Whitney

Great drop, your little midget can fuck better

[Chorus: Drake]

Ayy, better drop it and give me fifty, ayy

Drop and give me fifty, drop and give me fifty, ayy

N***** really got me talking like I’m 50 here, ayy

N***** really got me here, rappin’ what I live

[Verse 2: Drake]

Maybe I’ll take your newest girl and excite her like I’m Ricky

I can’t believe he’s jumping in now that he’s turning 50

Every song that hit the charts was given to him by Drizzy

Spend that little check you have and stay out of my business

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N****, shout out to the hooper taking out the grid

We know why you mad, n****, I’m not even tripping

All that little heartbroken Twitter s**t for b****es

This is for all the top dogs, drop it and give me fifty, drop it, drop it

And that damn song you all got didn’t cause any problems for us

This isn’t brewing in a pot, now I’m warming up

I don’t care what Cole thinks, that Dot s**t was lame as fuck

Champagne trippin’, he ain’t relaxing

N***a calls Top to see if Top wants to arrange it

‘Great, do you want to make peace with it? Great, will you make peace with it?’

No, p***y, now you’re on your own when you say something

You got into this deep, it’s not fucking deep enough

Beg Kai Cenat, boy, you won’t beat us

As for the number, I’m out of here, you don’t fucking come up

As for the money, I’m getting out of here, you don’t sneak up

Cornball, your show money merch fee to us

I’ll let you figure it out, because I’ve seen enough

This isn’t even all I know. Don’t wake the demon

This isn’t even all I know. Don’t wake the demon

Drop it and give me fifty, you all work together

[Interlude: DJ Akademiks]

What top five are you smoking, Kendrick?

[Outro: Drake]

Mmm, mmm, yes

Drop, drop, drop, drop

Drop off a bag of fifty for the crowd on the spot

Drop a bag of fifty, twenty-nine for the prize

Uh, I really tried to keep it PG