Kamene Goro undergoes knee surgery at Karen hospital


Media personality Kamene Goro is recuperating at the Karen hospital in Nairobi after undergoing knee surgery.

The former Kiss FM presenter gave fans an update on her condition while sleeping on the hospital bed ahead of her surgery.

Kamene Goro undergoes knee surgery at Karen hospital 4

Speaking in a video she shared on her InstaStories, Kamene said she had gone to repair her knee having torn her meniscus – the c-shaped cartilage pad in the knee that acts as a shock absorber

“I have come to repair my knee, I think I have told you guys the story before. Yeah so I tore my meniscus and I am mmh, yeah so I am due for surgery this morning,” she said.

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Kamene further stated that she was anxious about the medicine that is used to numb sensation during surgical operations, adding that her recovery is usually harder than the surgery itself.

“I am a little bit anxious about the whole anaesthesia thing, I don’t know this time round coz every other time I haven’t been anxious about it but anyway so yes that is the surgery I am going in for I am hoping I will be able to walk as soon as possible coz I think for me he recovery is usually harder than the surgery,” Kamene said.

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Kamene shared another post after she successfully went under the knife. Her husband DJ Bonez was by her side as she recuperated in bed at the hospital.

Kamene Goro undergoes knee surgery at Karen hospital 5
Kamene Goro undergoes knee surgery at Karen hospital 6

August 2023

Kamene Goro in August 2023 revealed she was preparing to get an implant in her knee following previous complications.

At the time, Kamene said she had torn her meniscus three times but stressed that her knee issues were not due to her weight being a plus-size woman.

“I’ve torn my meniscus three times. It’s not a weight thing. So I’m due to fix the third tear and get an implant,” Kamene explained.