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Kamba Gospel Artist Reveals What She Did After Finding Her Husband With Her Mother-in-law

One of the most popular gospel artists has left her music fans in a dilemma after she disclosed what she did after she found her husband doing something on their bed together with her mother-in-law. Speaking through an interview, Agnes Samuel said that many are the days she used to hear some rumors from her neighbors about her husband and mother-in-law, but she was shocked to find them in the act inside their bedroom.


However, she became violent, but her husband called the police to come and arrest her, and the two accused Agnes of spreading false stories about her father-in-law’s death. She was not leaving with her husband, and whenever she visited him, her mother-in-law could also insist that she wanted to go and spend some time with her son.

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The act of calling the police officers was to ensure that she would not tell anyone about what happened. She stayed there for some years, but she later ended the marriage and began a new life.


“I had heard some rumors that my husband, Samuel Mutuku, has been sleeping with his mother. I happened to find them in the act one day, and immediately I became violent, whereby they called the police officers to come and arrest me. This was to make sure that I would not tell anybody about what happened. They accused me of talking about their father’s death, who died a long time ago. I later on decided to move on with my own life because I saw no change in this man who is a famous radio presenter,” She said.

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