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Jagger Shaw: Parents of 14-year-old student to receive $1M from school after he dies of granola bar allergy

PAPILLION, NEBRASKA: A school district in Nebraska is forced to make a payment of $1 million to the parents of a 14-year-old boy who died of an allergic reaction to a granola bar offered by a teacher. At a meeting on Monday night, March 20, the school board will be voting on the wrongful death settlement with the family of 8th grader Jagger Shaw.


The settlement between the Papillion La Vista school and the teenager’s parents was not reached through a civil suit instead it was through a probate court process, reported Daily Mail.


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In a Facebook post, Jagger’s father, Tom, he said that a teacher at Liberty Middle School asked his son to go to the office to retrieve a snack and she gave him a granola bar. He wrote, “I gave him a hug and kiss told him to be good and have a good day like every time I dropped him off.” Talking about the teacher offering him the granola bar, he wrote, “Jagger took it, got halfway through eating it and felt like he was starting to have an allergic reaction and went to the nurse’s office. They gave him Benadryl and waited to see if that was working.”

Jagger Shaw’s father Tom Shaw and his fiance (Tom Shaw/Facebook)

Shaw explained that Jagger then went to the bathroom after he tried to throw up the food but he came back “looking flushed.”

“The nurse gave him the EpiPen and called an ambulance,” he said but did not mention whether his son had any allergy nor describe if his condition was known to the school. 



The 14-year-old was shifted to a local hospital. However, the anaphylaxis shock became critical. Jaggers brain began swelling and his heart had to be restarted. His condition gradually worsened after he was placed on ventillator after he moved to the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha.


In his post, Shaw described how Jagger’s brain was severely injured after swelling and oxygen deprivation. The family was informed by doctors that there was no chance of recovery as there was negligible brain activity according to the scan report. With his family surrounded, Jagger died on May 7, 2022. Shaw wrote, “I hope he knew somehow that we were with him.” The settlement will be paid by the liability insurer of the school district. Annette Eyman, a district spokeswoman said,  “Our thoughts are with the Shaw family. It’s such a tragic situation. Our hearts break for them,” reported Daily Mail.

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