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Internet Money Rapper Rot Ken Sentenced To 20 Years in Prison For Armed Burglary Case

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Internet Money rapper Rot Ken, also known by his legal name Kenneth Maurice Williams, has been handed a severe prison sentence. According to documents revealed by HipHopDX, it has been confirmed that he’s been sentenced to 20 years. This is a significant portion of his life, considering the young rapper is just 20 years old himself. Rot Ken’s charges are related to a burglary incident in Richmond County on June 3, 2021. The sentence given out by the court is a harsh one. It consists of 15 years for burglary in the first degree and an additional five years for the possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. In total, this amounts to the daunting 20-year prison term.

Rot Ken’s incarceration officially started on October 2. This day marked the abrupt end of his freedom and the start of what is likely to be a challenging period of confinement. However, the artist now faces a long road ahead. The possibility of release only coming into view in July 2032, at the earliest. The news of his sentencing has sent shockwaves through social media and his fan base. Moreover, this leaves many to wonder about the fate of his career and the impact this legal battle will have on his reputation. For someone who once enjoyed the limelight, these legal troubles have unquestionably altered the course of his life.

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Court Documents Show Rot Ken Is Currently Serving His Sentence

For context, Rot Ken had been arrested in June, in connection of the murder of a 24-year-old man in Augusta, Georgia. The Augusta Press reported that the incident which occurred in broad daylight. Reportedly, Rot Ken and an accomplice allegedly ambushed two men in April. Tragically, one man, Usaini Yunusa, lost his life in the brutal attack. The driver, Kobe Burns, managed to escape, but in his shocked state, he crashed into nearby trees, leading to DUI charges. Rot Ken’s IG page has been flooded with comments of support. “20 years in prison, fam why,” one fan wrote. “Free twin,” another said.

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Meanwhile, in regards to trials, YNW Melly and his defense team have been busy preparing for a retrial regarding his double murder case. The first one ended in a hung jury, and Melly’s co-defended YNW Bortlen was arrested on witness tampering charges. However, the “Murder On My Mind” rapper awaits the retrial to officially start as the Judge takes a look at some of the defenses’ requests. It seems as though 2023 has been a big year for hip-hop and crime. Hopefully it can come to an end.

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