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Influencer’s quest for love: Dutch model rejects 5,000 suitors

Picture courtesy of Sanook

A Dutch influencer and model with over 5.5 million Instagram followers has turned down nearly 5,000 men who failed to meet her 15-question criteria for dating. Despite three candidates making it to the first date, none progressed further.

Influencer Vera Dijkmans has a unique approach to finding a partner, requiring potential suitors to complete a 15-question survey. Questions ranged from astrological signs to personal habits and future aspirations. Those interested had to answer queries like, “What is your zodiac sign?” and “Do you currently have a regular sexual partner?”

The influencer asked about their living situations, such as, “Do you still live with your parents?” and “Do you have a car?” She also posed more personal questions like, “How many ex-partners do you have?” and “Would you describe yourself with the word ‘annoying’?”

Out of nearly 5,000 applicants, Vera found many responses contradictory or unconvincing. For example, one man admitted to living with his parents and not having a car, while another with a steady job refused to provide her with a walk-in closet if they moved in together. One applicant even offered to exchange blood samples, which she found particularly unsettling.

Three candidates who managed to answer the questions satisfactorily were given a chance to go on a date with Dijkman. However, none of them succeeded in making a lasting impression on her during the first date. Vera stated that although she hasn’t found the right person yet, she considers the process a success, reported Sanook

“I have learned to stay true to myself and not to lower my standards when it comes to finding a partner.”

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Dijkmans‘ story highlights the lengths to which people will go to find a compatible partner in the age of social media and digital communication. Her method, while unconventional, underscores the importance of personal standards and honest self-representation in the quest for a meaningful relationship.

Influencer's quest for love: Dutch model rejects 5,000 suitors | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Sanook

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