Incredible moment BOTH batters are run out in crazy scenes during cricket match in Australia


  • Both batters retired in Australia
  • But Matthew Gilkes was fired
  • Western Australia won the Marsh Cup

Western Australia have been crowned one-day champions again after a resounding victory over New South Wales on Sunday.

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NSW’s misfortune was perfectly summed up during their batting innings, when a communications lapse left Matthew Gilkes and Will Saltzmann involved in an almighty mix-up.

Saltzmann hit the ball through mid-wicket in what looked to be a comfortable two runs when WA’s Nick Hobson flicked the ball back to mid-on.

However, the pair underestimated Hobson’s arm and Gilkes had to charge towards the crease in a desperate bid to make it. Andrew Tye, at the bowler’s end, knocked the bails off as Gilkes dived for the crease, before spotting Saltzmann in no man’s land and hitting the stumps at the striker’s end with a direct hit.

But Will Saltzmann survived as Matthew Gilkes was exhausted first

But Will Saltzmann survived as Matthew Gilkes was exhausted first

Both batters got well clear of their territory, but because Gilkes was bunted first, he had to walk.

“If it’s not a run out at the bowler’s end, it’s out at the other end and NSW are down by seven,” said commentator Adam Peacock.

AJ Tye, a little double play,” Stuart Clark added.

NSW’s tail then crumbled, losing four wickets for 10 runs, giving WA a five-wicket win with 100 balls remaining.

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