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I am proud of anti-Finance Bill protesters – Ugandan opposition figure Besigye

Ugandan political and Human Rights activist, Kifefe Kizza Besigye has commended Kenya’s anti-Finance Bill protesters for their bravery.

Besigye who is currently in Nairobi, on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, said that he was proud of the young protesters for exercising their democratic rights despite police interference.

While mourning those who lost their lives, he encouraged the protesters to fight for their rights adding that freedom and justice come at a price which we have to pay.

“I am proud of all, especially, the young Gen Z, protesters who are valiantly facing guns and other lethal weapons demanding justice! Freedom & Justice come at a price, which we have to pay sooner or later,” Besigye said.

“I am in Nairobi and my heart goes out to all the Kenyans who’ve lost their lives and those injured as they protest against taxes imposed on them.”

Anti-Finance Bill protesters. PHOTO / @bonifacemwangi / X

Police vs anti-Finance Bill protester

Several anti-Finance Bill protesters have lost their lives some are critically injured by the police during the ongoing countrywide demonstrations despite the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) warning.

On June 20, 2024, LSK president Faith Odhiambo warned the police against interference with the countrywide peaceful protest.

“We reiterate our stern warning to officers of the @NPSOfficial_KEacross the country that acts of violence and arbitrariness will be met with strong opposition and personal legal consequences,” Faith said.

“Our toll-free line remains open to members of the public to report any incidences of rogue use of police authority. Fundamentally, the Sovereign people of Kenya exercise their right under Article 37 without fear of persecution or unwarranted acts of aggression. We call on the protestors to maintain peace and order as they agitate for the rights of all Kenyans.”

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