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‘I am not part of Kenya delegation to Paris Olympics’ – Azziad Nasenya

Content Creator Azziad Nasenya has clarified that she is not part of a team travelling to Paris, France, for the 2024 Olympic Games.

In a statement on Thursday, July 11, 2024, the radio presenter announced that she would not be travelling to attend the global showpiece.

The fast-rising actor lamented that she had been dragged into the ongoing discussion over those expected to travel to Paris by unidentified persons.

“First of all, I am not part of the Kenya delegation to the Paris Olympics 2024. It is unfortunate that someone would come up with false allegations on such a matter,” Azziad Nasenya stated.

Content Creator Azziad Nasenya. PHOTO/

Azziad on Talanta Hela

At the same time, Azziad Nasenya informed her fans that she has been involved in Talanta Hela affairs since June 2023 when it was disbanded.

According to Azziad her tenure as youth representative in the Talanta Hela Council ceased after a court order called for the disbandment of the entity.

“My involvement with the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy, and Sports was centred around the Creatives Technical Committee of the Talanta Hela Council, headed by Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill, I was selected and mandated to represent the younger population. in the Creatives Technical Committee. However, the committee was disbanded in June 2023. I’ve not involved myself since,” she stated.

Her Dubai trip

Moreover, Azziad Nasenya has clarified that she bankrolls all her travel expeditions. She refuted claims that some government officials are behind her numerous travels.

She further added that some of her trips are fully funded by her clients. For instance, regarding the Dubai trip, Azziad noted that it was fully funded by the organisers of the Visit Dubai Compaign.


Azziad thus dismissed reports that the money she used was meant for stadium renovation.

Content Creator Azziad Nasenya. PHOTO/
Content Creator Azziad Nasenya. PHOTO/

Azziad who gained public limelight during the Covid-19 period vowed to share receipts to confirm how her adventures are financed.

“Secondly, I would also like to make it clear that my travel to Dubai and other places have been financed by myself, clients, or family, and never, as numerously claimed, by the Government of Kenya. There were allegations that I travelled to Dubai using money meant. for renovating a stadium,” her statement read in part.

“At the time, I was in Dubai recording content for the #VisitDubai campaign, a trip that was fully funded by the client. The receipts are on my socials – smart people can confirm instead of believing rumours.”

Increased calls for accountability

Her statement come amidst increased calls for accountability in various government ministries.

At the moment, Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba is under pressure to produce a list of those travelling for the Paris Olympics Games.

A group of social media users even obtained a court order to compel the CS to produce the list.

However, the CS is yet to issue a statement on their demands.

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