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How Tv Anchors Access Expensive Clothes They Wear Once on Air (Photos)

Television journalists, with an unwavering commitment to their visual presentation, spare no expense to ensure their impeccable appearance, thereby accumulating substantial monetary investments. This lavish dedication is unmistakably evident as they grace the expansive expanse of our television screens.

Numerous insightful journalists have articulated that financial considerations rank low among their priorities when striving to attain an impeccable on-camera presence. Instead, they wholeheartedly embrace the notion of going above and beyond, wholeheartedly dedicating themselves to showcasing their utmost best on the vibrant realm of television.

NTV news anchor Fridah Mwaka, renowned for her impeccable style, recently confirmed to that she invests in high-quality suits and dresses that she wears during her live bulletins. Notably, her employer, Nation Media Group, includes clothing expenses in her wardrobe allowance, relieving her of the burden of spending excessive amounts on these expensive outfits. This arrangement allows Fridah to maintain her fashionable appearance without straining her personal finances.a35c3ed1bc984eef998cea92dc69ca50?quality=uhq&resize=720

Another famous news duo, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla, have entrusted the talented suitmaker George Ouma of GjeyMavazi Designs to create their exquisite bespoke suits. George Ouma’s craftsmanship is highly regarded, and he has also collaborated with other notable journalists such as Larry Madowo. Lulu and Rashid actively collaborate with various designers who skillfully craft their stunning outfits, aimed at promoting their brands to interested clients.

In recognition of her outstanding style, Lulu Hassan was honored with the Couture Africa Most Stylish Female TV & Radio Personality Award in October 2020. This prestigious accolade further solidifies her reputation as a trendsetter in the industry. Furthermore, Lulu, like other anchors, often receives outfits from designers who benefit from the valuable exposure and marketing that comes with their creations being worn by high-profile personalities.4581152b48be40a98b0dd5ad189435eb?quality=uhq&resize=720

In a realm where style and elegance are highly valued, it should come as no surprise that renowned TV journalist Jeff Koinange, the highest-paid media personality in Kenya, spares no expense in acquiring his exquisite suits. Jeff’s refined taste is evident as he meticulously selects bespoke suits for every live broadcast. Notably, he possesses a remarkable Ermenegildo Zegna piece worth a staggering Kshs2.2 million. In addition to this iconic item, Jeff takes pride in owning suits from esteemed brands such as Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani, further cementing his status as a fashion connoisseur.9c9a59cdc4fc48689327a1091a654fb4?quality=uhq&resize=720

To complement his sophisticated look, Jeff Koinange is also the proud owner of a Rolex Submariner, a timepiece that commands a price of Ksh1.35 million (based on a spot check on the popular e-commerce site Amazon). This luxurious accessory perfectly complements his elegant ensemble, adding a touch of refinement to his overall appearance. Jeff’s attention to detail and commitment to fashion make him a prominent figure in the Kenyan media industry, with his style choices serving as an inspiration to many aspiring journalists and fashion enthusiasts alike.6bd80f5018e241f8a678f3750ab3cd2e?quality=uhq&resize=720

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