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Hottest Tik Tok Stars In Kenya With Cute Looks And Fashion Game

The social media has risen to be one of the most interactive platforms bringing people together across the globe.One such platform that has brought this is TikTok where people can share different short videos on the platform .This has seen the rise of some stars among especially among the youth.With me are some of the most gorgeous female stars on the platform.

1.Ajib Gathoni

The beauty queen rose to fame courtesy of her dancing skills on the platform.She is currently among the most famous stars on the platform in Kenya having over 500k followers .Ajib is graced with pure natural beauty and her fashion game is worth admiration.

2.Christine Kendie2644593dce04f6eb6a27c9057f8958d

She is a fast rising Tik tok star on the platform courtesy of her dancing skills.Kendi is a fashionista whose fashion style is always on fleek serving goals to many.

3.Azziad Nasenya8c64b6c7b56944ba8c5bea677f434d0d

She is popularly known as the Queen of Tiktok as she was among the first people to rise to fame.The twenty two year old has risen to be among most loved celebrities in the world.She is blessed with a killer body physique and occasionally clads in a stylish manner.

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She is another first rising star on the platform having gathered over fifty thousand followers.Ms Rosalita is a paragon of beauty and has a good sense of fashion worth admiration.7a7f496ade9e42098cf5696aa3ffb94a

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