‘Hii imeenda’ – Kenyans hilariously react to Karen Nyamu’s new photos with Samidoh

‘Watu wanamake fun of gender-based violence’ – Karen Nyamu comes clean about being beaten by Samidoh

Karen Nyamu remains unbothered despite rumors claiming she is stuck in an abusive relationship with Samidoh.

This is following a viral photo showing a dark mark on her cheekbone. Some claimed it was a reflection shadow from the hat she wore, while others claimed it was more of a black eye.


Speaking on this, Karen Nyamu denied any allegations of painting her man as violent.

Karen Nyamu seen with purported bruises on her face. Photos/Courtesy.

“You know I am not one to care what guys are saying about me, my personal life or whatever. Whatever you want to say about me unakuanga free, sicatch. I don’t really have any issue. In fact saa zile hamniongelelei nakuanga a bit concerned,” Nyamu said.

She went on to shame social media users for glorifying GBV and dragging her relationship in the mess.

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“Watu wanamake fun of gender-based violence, especially watu hawanilike they think that gender-based violence is something you can use to settle scores or something you can wish on your enemy – and these are women,” Karen Nyamu lamented.

Karen to haters

Seeing that many have been rooting for her relationship to fall, Karen Nyamu recently unveiled new photos from a graduation she attended with Samidoh.

As seen on her page, Nyamu shared a series of photos from the event, three showing the graduate while the rest featured Samidoh alongside her family.

The photos then sparked hilarious comments from fans watching from the sidelines.

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Among the comments, some reminded Karen she had posted somebody else’s husband.

“Sai hawa family members wote wamefuriwa na goat wife anyway team Nyamu forever,” Jermaine Curtains wrote.

Others congratulated her for knowing and taking her place in Samidoh’s life.

Tulisema ukipata mzee piga picha wewe usijali nani ataskia vibaya. Wewe Piga Picha,” Nthenge encouraged Nyamu.

To those thinking the GBV rumours would tame Karen Nyamu from carrying on relationship with Samidoh, another fan reminded them that the senator’s love for Mugiithi singer has her deep in love.

“Hii imeenda😂,” Nancie wrote.