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“He Needs Help” Kenyans React After Video of Kabarak Student Who is A Popular TikToker Emerges

Kenyans have reacted to a video of popular Tiktoker, Brian Chira. The video shared by Ghafla Kenya, elicited mixed reactions as Chira seemed intoxicated. He is seen recording himself on the phone before throwing insults.

According to the information we gathered, Brian Chira is in some sort of beef with a fellow Tiktoker known as Nyako. This followed a disagreement between Chira, Nyako and Prince Mwiti on Tiktok over reasons we could not verify.74925e6e89414357bb11ee7321dd27dc?quality=uhq&resize=720

After the disagreements, it was followed by a series of insults by Brian Chira. Today’s video shared by Ghafla Kenya shows Brian Chira still insulting the woman. He seemed to be in a pub taking alcohol then proceeded to record himself while insulting the lady.

Many Kenyans who have reacted on social media blame the Tiktoker for taking too much alcohol. They have said he could be depressed and he needs help.

The dramatic boy who is a student at Kabarak University has been dramatic all over Tiktok since he got into fame. Brian Chira also once confessed that he has HIV/Aids and people speculate this could be the reason he is intoxicated every day.

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