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Frida Kajala apologises for dating daughter’s ex-boyfriend Rayvanny

Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala Masanja and his daughter Paula Kajala are burying the hatchet after allegedly dating the same man.

The duo is said to have had a romantic relationship with Tanzania Bongo singer Rayvanny.

The reconciliation aired live on their reality show bubbed Behind The Gram, saw Fridah overwhelmed with tears as she tried to explain to her daughter that she did not think about the impact of her action on her(Paula).

On the show, the Bongo movies actress is seen waking Paula up for a chat saying;

“I am sorry. I feel like I failed you as a mum, you look up to me for everything. We have a very good bond but I made a decision that you kept telling me not to, I am sorry. It hurts me because there are things I would have thought about. I feel bad but there is nothing I can do.” Fridah apologised. 

In another scene, Fridah while speaking to a therapist revealed that Paula would often break down following the highly publicised allegations owing to people’s opinions.

“There is a day she told me she was bothered about how people view her. She was scared that the negative publicity would hinder her for the rest of her life. There are things she would say that made me feel she was hurting,” Fridah stated.

The daughter accepted her mother’s apologies acknowledging that it is now behind them.

Tanzania actress Frida Kajala with her daughter Paula.
Tanzania actress Frida Kajala with her daughter Paula.

Frida Kajala opposed Paula’s relationship

In a previous interview, Frida Kajala admitted that she tried several times to break up her daughter Paula and Rayvanny.

Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva in Nairobi, Kajala confessed that she strongly opposed her daughter’s decision to date Rayvanny but she couldn’t do much as Paula refused to heed her advice.

Ata kama hukupenda kwa sababu I tried my best kumuelezea hii haiko sahihi lakini mtu anaenda anafanya kinyume. Kwa hio inabidi tu ukae hapo. Mfano unamwambia Paula usionane na huyu mtu atakuambia sawa then anaenda behind your back anaonana na huyo mtu,” Kajala said.

Kwa hivyo wewe ulijaribu kumzuia mara kadha? (So you tried several times to stop her from dating Rayvanny?) Mzazi probed further.

“Yeah I did, a lot,” Frida Kajala admitted.

Asked if she was happy after Paula and Rayvanny ultimately broke up, Kajala said she was and went on to explain why she was against her daughter dating Rayvanny.

Were you happy walivyoachana (Were you happy when they broke up?”

Ehh kwa sababu nahisi hakuna future kwa sababu Paula mdogo, Ray tayari ana mwanamke wake na amezaa naye. I don’t think kama angeiacha familia yake kwa ajili ya Paula, sijui maybe. Lakini alivyorudi kwa mkewe it means kwamba he was just passing.

“(I was happy because I felt there was no future for Paula, she was young. Rayvanny already had a wife and a child. I don’t think he would have left his family for Paula. When he got back together with his wife it means he was just passing),” Paula Kajala said.

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