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Fatal collision between motorcycle and pedestrian in Chon Buri

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod

A tragic collision between a motorcycle and a pedestrian led to a fatality in Chon Buri, Thailand. The accident occurred yesterday at 9.40pm on the Phan Thong-Ban Kao Road in Ban Kao, Phan Thong District, Chon Buri Province. The local police, along with rescue teams from the Sawang Utthayan Phan Thong Foundation, promptly responded to the scene.

The crash involved 35 year old Warawut Rujipong who was riding a red and black Honda CB500X motorcycle, and 49 year old Pongpan Phuechphan who was crossing the road. Warawut was found unconscious and in critical condition, while Pongpan suffered severe injuries, including a severed left leg and multiple broken bones. Despite the rescue team’s efforts to provide first aid and perform CPR, Pongpan succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

An eyewitness, 38 year old Banpot, recounted the moments leading up to the accident. He was sitting in front of his shop when he saw Pongpan running from the opposite side of the road. As Pongpan waited at the median strip, he smiled at Banpot, moments before Warawut’s motorcycle collided with him.

The impact was so severe that Pongpan was thrown to the side of the shop, and his severed leg landed some distance away. The motorcycle also skidded and fell, sustaining significant damage, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a tragic accident in Pattaya was caught on a car dashcam, showing a motorcyclist cutting off a car before being fatally struck. At 5.06am on July 9, the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Rescue Foundation received a report of a collision involving a car and a motorcycle on Nongprue Railway Road in the Nongprue sub-district, Banglamung district, Chon Buri province. Rescuers rapidly arrived at the scene.

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A red Toyota Altis sedan with significant front-end damage was discovered. The driver, 24 year old Danai Kraiwan, emerged from the incident without injuries. Nearby, a damaged yellow Honda Click 125i motorcycle was found.

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