Factory owner’s son stabs man at Phatthalung pig butchering event

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A grisly incident unfolded at a furniture factory in Phatthalung province where the son of the factory owner, after slaughtering a pig, fatally stabbed a fellow participant, leading to an urgent manhunt. The perpetrator’s father warned against interference, insisting on handling the matter privately.

At the scene of a chilling crime in Phatthalung’s Khuan Khanun district, police discovered blood traces and a fatally wounded individual who was rushed to Khuan Khanun Hospital and later pronounced dead. The victim was identified as 52 year old Wanna, who succumbed to a deep knife wound to the abdomen. Nearby, police found the murder weapon and a pig prepared for butchering as part of a shared family business transaction.

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Wichit Petchchaithong, a 62 year old furniture craftsman, who was part of the pig butchering group, recounted the moments leading up to the tragedy. The group, including Teerawat, the 29 year old factory owner’s son, had gathered to divide the pork shares among themselves.

After Teerawat had finished slaughtering the pig, he joined the victim for a casual conversation. The situation took a horrific turn when Wichit, busy scraping the pig’s skin, was alerted by a scream and found the victim bleeding profusely on the floor. He attempted first aid before emergency services arrived, reported KhaoSod.

The atmosphere at Khuan Khanun Hospital was tense as relatives, shocked by the news, arrived. The victim’s son, in tears, expressed disbelief, noting that his father regularly visited the location for meals and coffee and was acquainted with the assailant.

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However, the assailant had been exhibiting frequent drug-induced hallucinations lately. Following the attack, the assailant fled the scene. The assailant’s father, adamant about not involving outsiders, declared to the media that the issue would be resolved within the community, cautioning against further reporting.

The local police, led by Narongsak Makma and senior investigator Athisak Rodpool, are actively pursuing leads to apprehend the suspect.

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