Ezra’s Ex-girlfriend Mary Munyali Finally Meets His Current Girlfriend Maurine, Hang Out Together

Ezra's Ex-girlfriend Mary Munyali Finally Meets His Current Girlfriend Maurine, Hang Out Together

Mary Munyali, the ex-girlfriend and baby mama of FBI dancer Ezra has finally met his current girlfriend Maurine.

The two beauty queens infact met at the birthday party of Prince Ezra Junior, who is actually the son that Ezra has birthed with Mary Munyali.

Photo: Mary Munyali, Ezra and his girlfriend Maurine

So Mary, who is actually the sister of celebrated Gospel singer Size 8 and the dancer threw their son a lavish party on Saturday, as they marked the milestone of him turning 10-years-old.

Well Maurine also attended the same event, and what was clear is that she also had fun like the rest of the few invited guests, and there were no bad vibes.


Photo: Maurine

Ezra, Mary Munyali and Maurine infact all took to their Instagram stories to share videos and photos of how the birthday party went down.

Even though they never revealed the location, what was clear however is that the event was also attended by Size 8, who came with her daughter Ladasha Wambo and her son Muraya Jr.

Here are some of the photos from the birthday party.



Here are the links



Earlier in the day, Ezra and his ex-girlfriend Mary had also taken to their social media platforms to pen their son a birthday message.

The hunk wrote “Happy birthday my son @princeezrajr”.

The beauty queen also took to her stories and wrote a message saying:

“Happy 10th birthday to my first born son. Can’t believe we are 10 😭😭 @princeezrajr”.


Ezra and Mary Munyali

As mentioned above, Ezra and Mary Munyali alias DJ Seven were once lovebirds.

The two actually dated several years ago, with their relationship leading to the birth of Prince Ezra Junior.


Their affair however unfortunately ended because the hunk was accused of cheating on the beauty queen. However they are peacefully co-parenting.

What followed after Ezra separated with Mary Munyali is that he went in to date sassy Instagram model Isha Raffi, and the two even got engaged at one time.

Their on-and-off relationship however also ended sometime in 2022, and he went on to date Edijah Mwai briefly before getting the current Maurine.


Photo: Ezra and Isha Raffi

When it comes to Mary Munyali however, it is not yet clear whether she is currently in a relationship or not.

This is because she keeps her personal matters under the wraps.

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