Eve Mungai’s husband shows off new Audi days after wrecking Toyota Crown in accident

Eve Mungai’s husband shows off new Audi days after wrecking Toyota Crown in accident

Director Trevor proudly showed off a new German machine just days after he was involved in an accident with his wife Eve Mungai.

The YouTube couple survived a road crash on the night of Christmas Day.


In videos shared by Trevor, the lovebirds were driving along an unidentified major highway when their vehicle veered off the road and plunged into a culvert after a mishap on a section of road that appears to have been recently repaired.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, Eve while sharing a cryptic message confirmed they are well.

“There’s a certain disrespect that an apology or explanation just can’t fix,” Mungai Eve wrote.

Adding; “Thanks for checking on me guys, I’m doing okay.”

Days after wrecking his Toyota Crown in the Christmas Day accident, Director Trevor surfaced with a sleek Audi to the surprise of many people.

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The YouTuber took to social media to flaunt the German machine he is now driving.

Eve Mungai’s husband shows off new Audi days after wrecking Toyota Crown in accident 1

Financial muscle

Eve Mungai and Director Trevor each earn Ksh800,000 monthly salary from their YouTube channel, so buying a new car is an easy feat for them.

Director Trevor in September 2023 confessed that they earn millions in revenue from their YouTube channel, revealing that had provided direct employment to 14 people.

Trevor further disclosed that his wife and he each earn a Ksh800,000 monthly salary from their YouTube channel.

“Is it true Eve Mungai earns more than you?” Trevor was asked.

As employees of Mungai Eve Media, my wife and I both receive a monthly salary of 800k. Each! Money that is generated through YouTube instream ads and Facebook. Even if angekua anaearn more than me to me it’s not an issue for us. We believe in equal opportunities and value eac value each other’s contributions to our family and the company. Our focus is together on working as a team, supporting and empowering each other to achieve our goals. We believe that financial success should not be limited by gender, and we embrace the equal earning potential that exists in our relationship,” he replied.

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Trevor further shared receipts that showed their annual income from YouTube in 2022 was a staggering Ksh13.6 million.