Eve Gilles’ weight loss journey captivates Miss France 2024 audience

Miss France 2024 Ève Gilles stirs gender and sexuality speculation

The world of pageantry is all abuzz with the recent Miss France 2024, Eve Gilles, and her weight loss journey. French-born Gilles, a stunning beauty queen, has been the focal point of media attention following her crowning as Miss France 2024. Gilles made history by becoming the first champion of the competition to sport a pixie haircut. Prior to this, she was bestowed the title of Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais in 2023.

With the Miss France title, Gilles was showered with a multitude of awards, gifts, and prizes sponsored by various brands. The perks of her victory included a car, an all-expense-paid trip to Guyana, and round trip tickets to Cayenne. Following her coronation as Miss France 2023, the curiosity about her weight loss journey has piqued public interest.


Eve Gilles’ weight loss story has been trending on several social media platforms, sparking a flurry of questions and discussions. Gilles’ slender physique has likely fuelled this public fascination. There is indisputable evidence that Eve has indeed shed some pounds. The Miss France 2023 title further propelled the discussion about her weight loss into the spotlight.

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As part of their Miss France duties, winners are required to maintain their weight, refrain from flaunting tattoos, and most importantly, keep their hairstyle unchanged. Concurrently, Eve’s overall look has also sparked interest and several online sources have readily available pictures of her.

Public curiosity has led to a surge in searches for before and after photos of Eve Gilles, particularly in relation to her weight loss. The beauty queen’s transformation is undeniable, and her journey has become a topic of conversation. Various online platforms have drawn comparisons using Eve’s before and after pictures.

Eve Gilles’ slim, fit physique often makes headlines on the internet. It is plausible that Eve has adhered to a strict diet regimen to maintain her slim figure. She has also been forthright about her body image.

Interestingly, Gilles recently shared her struggle with sizing for the pageant due to her petite frame. Her path to becoming a beauty queen was marred by criticism suggesting she appeared boyish. This revelation brought to light the challenges she faced in her quest for the crown.

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Eve Gilles has candidly addressed the issue of body shaming. She revealed that she was subjected to a barrage of body-shaming comments by internet trolls targeting her androgynous look. Gilles, who describes her look as ‘androgynous’, has been a staunch advocate for diversifying beauty standards, striving to reflect the modernity of the competition.

The beauty queen has also faced a deluge of comments on social media, particularly on her swimsuit pictures shared during the competition. Gilles confided to French newspaper Le Parisien, “I stopped looking at these comments saying I’m thin, I have no shape, whatever.”

Eve’s choice of hairstyle has also garnered attention, but she insists that hair-related criticism doesn’t faze her. Addressing her body image, she remarked, “But I don’t choose my body. I don’t choose my shape. The metabolism I have, I don’t choose it.”