Eminem death hoax causes stir on social media

Eminem death hoax causes stir on social media

A flurry of speculation regarding the death of prominent American rapper Eminem has caused a stir on the internet. Eminem, whose influence has been instrumental in bringing hip-hop into the mainstream across Middle America, is frequently subjected to groundless rumour and conjecture due to his high-profile status within the music industry. Recently, he found himself at the centre of a death hoax that sent shockwaves through social media.

Eminem, born in Missouri, is not deceased. He continues to be in good health, as confirmed by The US Sun. This misapprehension emerged due to a Facebook page titled “R.I.P Eminem” that had almost a million likes as of the 19th of August. The page’s “About” section, alarmingly, narrated a convincing account of the rapper’s alleged death.


The faux obituary on the page read, “At about 11 a.m. ET on Saturday (19 August 2023), our beloved rapper Eminem passed away.” The post included details of Eminem’s birth, 17 October 1972, in Saint Joseph, and invited fans to offer their condolences by commenting on and liking the page.

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This erroneous information led to an outpouring of sorrow from fans who began to mourn the rapper, causing the false news to spread rapidly. However, some fans were quick to question the legitimacy of the claim, noting the lack of coverage from any major American news network. Given Eminem’s prominence in the music industry, it seemed unlikely that such significant news would go unreported by reputable media.

Following the spread of the baseless death hoax, representatives of Eminem stepped in to correct the record. They confirmed that the rapper was indeed alive and well, emphasising the need for internet users to be sceptical of such unverified information online. They stated, “He joins a long list of celebrities who have fallen victim to this ploy. Stop trusting everything you see online; he is still alive and well.”

Regrettably, this is not the first time that the acclaimed rapper has been targeted by such a hoax. In December 2022, social media was awash with claims regarding Eminem’s apparent death. The hashtag #Ripeminem, created erroneously, began trending, amplifying the rumours. Tweets such as “Holy s–t Eminem died” and “Eminem died at 50” contributed to the confusion, while others voiced their incredulity with tweets like “Why did I think Eminem was dead?”

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This instance of misinformation caused turmoil among fans, with one sharing their distress, tweeting, “My son told me rapper Eminem died today and almost sent me into cardiac arrest. Damn kids”. However, the “Eminem dead” rumour was swiftly dismissed as the rapper continued to update his social media accounts, demonstrating that he was very much alive.

This occurrence serves as a potent reminder of the capacity of social media to circulate false information and the crucial role of trustworthy sources in verifying news. It also highlights the responsibility of social media platforms to take measures to curb the spread of such deceptive hoaxes.