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Drake Reposts Tweet That Calls Out People Who Have Been Critiquing His Music

Lately, it seems as though everyone has something to say when it comes to Drake’s newest project For All The Dogs. Few artists command the spotlight quite like Drake. And the album has been a hot topic of discussion since it dropped last week. From the circulating back and forth surrounding the conversation Joe Budden had on his podcast, to various social media critics expressing their own opinions, reactions to this latest album have been mixed. It seems as though Drake has taken notice, and has been responding to some of the hate. Drake has certainly been in tune with the buzz surrounding his album. However, he hasn’t shied away from addressing some of the negative feedback. This all started when Joe Budden, on his podcast, offered a critical analysis of the album.

Moreover, audiences should recall that last week, Budden elicited a lengthy response from Drake who called him the poster child of failure. This came in response after Joe Budden critiqued the album and called Drake out for messing with 25 year olds. However, in a post that surfaced social media platform X today, one person took Drake’s side and said, “Y’all should stop tryna hide behind music critique and just go ahead and tell the personal stories of what bruh did to y’all lmao. Cuz this s**t is insane at this point.” Drake took notice of this and agreed. He reposted this stance on his story, and social media quickly caught wind of it.

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Are People Overdoing It With The Album Hate?

This is all a testament to the direct interaction between artists and their audiences in the age of social media. Drake’s willingness to engage with comments, both positive and negative, highlights the power that online platforms have in shaping modern music culture. As the debate continues to unfold, one thing remains certain: the ever-present influence of social media in shaping the narrative around musical releases and the artist’s role in navigating this digital landscape.

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“Na cus its a trend to ride the wave of hate nowadays. nobody was DR this much a few yrs ago,” one person commented. “I mean the album is good, very good at best. Not a great album but people acting like it’s horrible are just trolling or have an agenda,” another said. In other news, the numbers don’t lie. The first week projections For All The Dogs have been revealed, and the project had the seventh largest opening day in Spotify history. It has been reported that Drake sold 411K album-units in the first week. This is his biggest debut since 2021’s Certified Lover Boy. What’d you think of the project?

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