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DJ Akademiks Yelled At By Audience Member Who Threatened To Beat Him Up: Watch

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DJ Akademiks is someone who has angered a lot of people in the hip-hop world. Overall, he knows that being honest and unfiltered will garner a lot of attention. However, he has tried to be as authentic as possible, which is admirable. He has grown a massive platform and he continues to do big things with the likes of Spotify and Rumble. That said, now more than ever before, he has been getting pressed for a lot of his takes. Moreover, this has led to some breakdowns over petty beef.

Recently, Akademiks got into it with the likes of Saucy Santana, which was a weird crossover. In the past, he has also had beef with Vic Mensa, Erykah Badu, SZA, and a whole host of others. Akademiks has been mostly unapologetic about these feuds, and that will continue to be the case. However, this does open him up to scrutiny from the public. For instance, during a Figgmunity Live event in New York, Akademiks was pressed by an audience member, In footage from HipHopDX, you can see the whole thing go down.

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DJ Akademiks Vs Fan

Akademiks was on stage with a mic where he was looking down on an audience member who also had a mic. “It ain’t really like that! Don’t play with me, pussy boy!” the man in the audience yells. The man continues to threaten to beat Akademiks up, while Ak continues to yell back. Unfortunately, the audio doesn’t get the full scope of the argument. Moreover, we don’t know how it started. What we do know is that Akademiks eventually left the stage, and that was all she wrote.

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