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DJ Akademiks Thinks Cardi B Would Beat Nicki Minaj In A Boxing Match, Would Bet $100K

The feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B is more of a mythical and folkloric legend than a real rap beef. Sure, they’ve had their reported scuffles, they’ve shot supposed subliminals at each other, they steer clear of each others’ path, and what little interactions they could have, whether directly or by proxy, aren’t usually peaches and cream. After all, Minaj’s husband wanted to square up on Offset. However, a lot of the animosity between them online seems to stem mostly from their fanbases, who picked their horse in this race long ago. In fact, not even huge hip-hop media figures like DJ Akademiks can avoid playing politics in this debate.

Moreover, the streamer recently expressed that he would bet $100K that Cardi B would beat Nicki Minaj in a boxing match. “Yo, I got a hundred thousand that Cardi B would beat the brakes off of Nicki Minaj,” Akademiks remarked. “Let’s not talk about Raleigh, let’s not talk about Big Zoo. If Nicki and Cardi hate each other like that, lock them in a room.

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DJ Akademiks Theorizes About Nicki Minaj & Cardi B Showdown

“That’s what 6ix9ine told me he wanted to do with Durk,” DJ Akademiks continued. “He said he wanted to get locked in a room with Durk, where one n***a comes out- pause. Okay? F**k it! If the Barbz are claiming it’s this deep, lock them both in a room, you feel me? Let one person come out, I’m sorry. You know, I usually don’t support women fighting each other. But the Barbz and other people are acting like these women are, like, warriors and like y’all are embroiled in some cr*zy beef. Alright, well scrap then, f**k it. F**k it!

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“Now, it won’t ever happen,” he concluded. “But, for everybody who’s accusing, ‘Oh, Ak, did you strategically drop this when it’s Cardi B’s birthday?’ N***a, do it look like I’m f***ing gay? Do you think I’m online like, ‘When is Cardi B’s birthday?’ With all due respect to Cardi B- and I like you, Cardi B- I don’t give a f**k when your birthday is! It’s Offset’s job to figure out your birthday. I don’t give a f**k when Nicki’s birthday is. I’m a grown-a** man, bruh.” For more news and the latest updates on DJ Akademiks and the game’s leading femcees, stick around on HNHH.

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