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DJ Akademiks Calls Out Yung Miami For Her Silence On Diddy Allegations

DJ Akademiks has made a name for himself by constantly speaking on the topics he finds interesting. Moreover, he always tries to be raw and unfiltered with his opinions. Overall, it has found him at the center of numerous feuds. However, he continues to do what he does. Mostly, he can be found on Rumble these days where he does his livestreams. These streams can be fairly entertaining, especially when there is a hot topic of conversation. Case in point, Akademiks was talking about Diddy all weekend.

In fact, some of his comments eventually made their way to Twitter. As you will see in a couple of tweets below, Ak finds the entire situation to be a bit fishy. For instance, he does not like the way Yung Miami is moving right now. He claims that it is very odd that she has not posted or said anything since the allegations came out. As for Diddy, Akademiks is suspicious of some new images that surfaced of the music mogul.

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DJ Akademiks Sounds Off

“Yung Miami loud ass aint tweet in 4 days… cmon.. dont make it this obvious lOl,” Akademiks wrote. Subsequently, he talked about the Diddy images, saying “No Way diddy staged them sad ass pics… Lol Im in the media.. i know that shit cap asf.. lol. Bruh settled the case tho… no need for them sad ass staged tmz pics.” If you recall, Diddy was hit with abuse allegations from the likes of Cassie. One day later, he opted to settle the lawsuit. There is a lot of commentary around the situation as many try to make sense of what is coming out.

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Let us know your thoughts on what Akademiks had to say, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will always be sure to keep you informed on all of your favorite artists and personalities.

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