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Diddy Allegations Inspire Slim Thug To Propose “Limit” On Victims Suing Their Alleged Abusers

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Slim Thug has argued that there should be a limit on how long after an alleged abuse a victim can sue their alleged abuser. His proposal, which is already partially covered by things such as a statute of limitations, comes after Cassie’s wide-ranging allegations against Diddy. Cassie has come forward with a host of claims against Diddy, ranging from rape to physical abuse to controlling behavior. Less than 24 hours after the story broke, it had been reported that Cassie and Diddy had reached an “amicable settlement”.

However, fans have absolutely taken Thug to town over his comments. Many people noted how hard it is for victims to ever come forward, especially when their abuser is in a major celebrity or in a prominent position of power. Furthermore, many people noted that someone who got their cousin pregnant is in no position to speak on abuse victims coming forward. “These men say this type of sh!$ until it’s their sister, wife, mother and daughters then they want answers TF ! They’ve ignored how much our women are dying after speaking out and trying to leave. There is no expiration date in recovering from abuse and trauma of that magnitude!” one person argued.

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Slim Thug Doubles Down

However, Thug then later once again took to Instagram to respond to the backlash to his previous comments. “Listen, she got her bag and that’s that. But I’m just saying – this doesn’t sound like a victim/abuser situation to me. This sounds like a ‘I need my bag’ sort of situation. All you who really was abused and had it hard…I has sympathy for you. But you should call the police and shouldn’t wait. If you were really were abused, you should seek real justice for that.”

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Understandably, people once more took issue with Thug’s comments. “He was probably an abuser. That’s what is sounds like. Hopefully his victims will come forward too Allegedly,” one person commented on Instagram.

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Slim’s Original Comments