Danii Banks ejected from NFL game for flashing incident

Danii Banks ejected from NFL game for flashing incident

Social media celebrity and American model, Danii Banks, has recently been in the spotlight due to a controversial flash video filmed at an NFL stadium, which is now causing a stir on Twitter. Known for her captivating and provocative photographs, Banks has amassed an extensive following on Instagram where she often shares images of herself in lingerie or underwear.

Born and raised in Michigan, USA, Banks always had an inclination towards the glitz and glamour of the fashion and modelling industry. This inclination, coupled with her stunning modelling photographs on Instagram, has given her considerable fame. Besides modelling, she also indulges in music and frequently shares her musical endeavours on her social media platforms.


However, her recent actions at an NFL game have led to some controversy. The OnlyFans model was shown the exit from the NFL stadium for revealing her body to the audience. To delve deeper into this scandal, let’s explore more about the Danii Banks flash video and the consequences thereof.

Banks’ flash video has been making rounds on the internet, with the model facing backlash for baring her bra at a Raiders game in Las Vegas. According to Banks’ account of the incident, while she was filming herself flashing her breasts in the Allegiant Stadium, security personnel and law enforcement officers intervened. Their intervention, however, was not in appreciation but rather to ask her to leave the game.

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Despite Banks’ claims that she was neither ticketed nor detained by the police, she was removed from the stadium before she could witness the Raiders clinch a thrilling victory against the New York Jets. Banks, who enjoys considerable popularity on OnlyFans, asserts that as the video was uploaded post her ejection, security personnel or the police must have seen her going topless in real-time.

Over the weekend, Banks decided to bare her breasts while watching the Las Vegas Raiders. This act led to security and law enforcement officers stepping in to ask her to leave the stadium. Banks then shared two videos on her Instagram account – one that was not safe for work and another that was somewhat safer. However, we will not be sharing these videos here.

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Despite her claims that she was neither ticketed nor arrested, Banks was not allowed to stay and witness the exciting victory of the Raiders over the New York Jets. Banks, who has a following of nearly eight million on Instagram alone, asserts that she did not upload the video until after she was ejected, which implies that the security or police must have seen her going topless.

According to TMZ, although Banks was asked to leave the venue, she was not asked to leave her home. She clarified that the police did not charge her with a ticket and she was neither cited nor arrested. However, she expressed her disappointment about having to leave as she had paid a significant amount for her seats, as reported by TMZ.