“Congratulations” Akothee Shares Photo After Celebrating Big Win


Akothee has gone ahead to state that’s Behold Nyar kadera, A girl has been in law school for 7 good years chasing her dreams. We are here today to celebrate her wins.


This is the real meaning of beauty,brains and character. This girl gave me goose bumps , some of us embarrassed our parents running for marriage ,chasing men when we ought to be children and students to our parents.

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It’s now at injury time that we try to catch up with , education,family and career . Give credit where it’s due. Congratulations COUNSEL LOUISA AKOTH OCHILO [email protected]_ochilo.

You have made your parents, kadera ,migori and Kenya Proud.We love you nyarkadera . Big Up. Congratulations my Brother Hon . Ochilo Ayako .

Especially my Sweetheart Dr Agnes. Great parents. And may the lord guide her ways..and may she stand for justice not for greed like many lawyers around stand for greed.

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Akothee don’t regret anything.Life has no formula. And whatever parents wanted you to become may not turn out to be the best for you.


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