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Chris Brown Fans React To His Feature On “FTCU (Sleeze Mix)” With Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott & Sexyy Red

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Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU (Sleeze Mix),” produced by ATL Jacob and Southside, has a lot of dynamism to it. There’s a patient and cold performance from Red Ruby, a wavy and versatile showing from Travis Scott, and a confidently aloof appearance from Sexyy Red. However, a lot of folks on social media think that the best part of this new remix was Chris Brown’s lewd and luxurious rap verse, especially existing fans of Breezy. But a lot of folks also expressed surprise at the belief that he out-rapped the other MCs on this cut, and while that’s obviously up for debate, it was a nice move from him considering his typically R&B and pop-centric appeal.

Of course, plenty of fans were quick to point out that the Virginia native has always made rap music, and has often showed off his skills in the art form. In fact, he was just recently in some rap beef with Quavo, so he continues to check all the hip-hop boxes. Nevertheless, Chris Brown definitely had some standout bars here worthy of stacking up with established writers like Nicki Minaj. Through plenty of charisma and a flow switch, he also fits in really well with Travis Scott and Sexyy Red’s contributions.

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Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU (Sleeze Mix)” With Chris Brown, Sexyy Red & Travis Scott: Stream

Elsewhere, the 34-year-old is actually giving fans a lot of material to chew on these days, so it’s no wonder that all this excitement is translating from news item to news item. After all, he recently dropped the deluxe version of his album 11:11, which contains a lot of tracks and some highlights for fans who haven’t been able to get enough of it for the past week. As such, Chris Brown is probably having a pretty good time right now, and has a lot of momentum to keep up with what might be a big 2024 for him. There’s also a tour on the cards for this year, which is also keeping die-hards ecstatic. Check out some of their reactions to this verse below.

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Fan Reactions To Breezy’s “FTCU” Verse

Meanwhile, what did you think of the “Run Away” star’s verse on this “FTCU” remix? Do you want to see him rap more or do you prefer when he sticks to what we expect from him? Whatever the case, let us know what you think in the comments section down below. Also, stay posted on HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Chris Brown.

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