Chiang Mai duo nabbed for 76 million baht home theft

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Chiang Mai police apprehended two suspects in a brazen theft that saw 76 million baht stolen from a home.

Police recovered nearly 40 million baht in cash, revealing that the culprits were known associates of the victim, motivated by a dispute over incomplete payment for work done. Other stolen assets were discarded in black bags.


The incident, which occurred on April 11 in the luxurious residential area of Mae Hia, Mueang Chiang Mai, saw the police engage in a meticulous investigation. They scrutinised surveillance footage from the escape route and locations where evidence was discarded, leading to a breakthrough in identifying the criminals. The suspects were involved in various high-profile businesses, including construction contracting and real estate trading that resulted in substantial financial gains.

The progress of the case was unveiled at 9.30am today, by the Superintendent of Mueang Chiang Mai Police Station, Prachaya Thisala, who confirmed the arrest of the suspects. The apprehension occurred in the parking lot of a condominium in Tha Sala, Mueang Chiang Mai, and along the Mun Mueang Road in Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai yesterday around 12.30pm.

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The accused, 39 year old Phudis and 45 year old Adisak were found with evidence including 8 million baht hidden in a blue suitcase, and other amounts concealed in various containers and locations within a lodging house in Nong Pa Khrang, Mueang Chiang Mai, and a house in Suthep, Mueang Chiang Mai.

The duo faces charges of joint theft in a dwelling at night, involving a breach of barriers meant to protect persons or property, with the use of a vehicle to facilitate the crime and evade capture.

Million-worth assets

The successful operation stemmed from a break-in at a posh residence in a gated community in Mae Hia, where the perpetrators made off with 38.7 million baht in cash, gold-framed amulets worth over 15 million baht, more than 300 significant amulets valued at 20 million baht, and other gold items worth over 1 million baht, totalling over 76 million baht in stolen assets.

CCTV footage led the authorities to the suspects’ motorcycle and other escape routes, which ultimately resulted in the recovery of a significant portion of the hidden assets.

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Upon interrogation, the suspects confessed to being well-acquainted with the victim’s house, as they had been doing business with the homeowner for over a decade. The victim, a contractor and well-known life coach on YouTube needed to keep large amounts of cash on hand for business transactions.

The suspects, running a door lock business and having frequent financial disputes with the victim over the past two years, harboured a grudge that led to the theft, reported KhaoSod.

While they kept the cash, they discarded the other valuables, such as the amulets and gold, in trash bags left on the street, which the police are now trying to recover through CCTV footage. Although not all the cash was recouped, as the suspects had already spent some on gold and a car, the investigation continues to locate the remaining assets to return them to the victim.

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